Out in the Forest

We are very lucky in that we have several wooded areas close to our home. The forest is the Cesky Terrier's natural habitat, and although we don't have any Wild Boar to hunt, the pack spend many happy hours using their noses to track the scents of the animals that do live in the forest.

Cesky Terriers are naturally obedient, but it is important that when they go out in a group they are completely under control, so that they don't bother other people or their dogs.

They tend to stick together and hunt as a pack. I work to ensure that their recall is reliable, and that they will respond to both verbal and whistle commands.

Tomas, the leader of the pack, wears an orange collar with a bell attached.

Xaver and the girls wear green collars with Czech nametags - and if they stray too far away Tomas will round them up!

Anja is in training to bcome a qualified tracking dog. She is always keen to wear her tracking harness - she knows this means serious work, not just having fun. Her training takes place in Thetford Forest and is organised by the Bavarian Mountain Hound Society of GB.

Two of our favourite places are Chambers Farm Wood, near Wragby, and Willingham Woods, near Market Rasen. The latter can be very busy during holiday times, so then we usually go to one of the smaller plantations nearby - but even at peak periods, if we venture deeper into the woodland we can always find nice quiet spots.

The A Team (Anika and Anja) in action in Usselby Plantation...

And a muddy morning in Osgodby Woods...

Eleanor Wood is not far from our home and is a quiet place to walk the pack - we have only ever met one other dog here!