Team Ridley

Int/Bel/Cz/Dk/Lux Ch Ridley Pamatka ShCM, DKKV '11, KV '13

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Pamatka is from the only litter sired by Hector whilst he was in the UK.

Photo by Ian Raper

Sire: Am Gr Ch Milenka's Hector in Act Four
Dam: Kralovna Kvitko
DoB: September 9th 2007

International Champion
Danish Champion
Czech Champion
Belgian Champion
Luxembourg Champion
Club Winner, 2013 - Czech Republic
2 x Horak Memorial winner, Czech Republic
Show Certificate of Merit
UK Championship Shows:
9 x BOB, 16 x BOS, 14 x RBB, 1 x Group Shortlist
1 x Veteran Group 1
Eukanuba Champion Stakes Finalist 2016
Veteran Stakes Winner
FCI International Shows:
11 x CACIB, 11 X CAC, 1 x G3, 1 x G4
Breed winner of the Year, 2011 - Denmark
Top Puppy in Breed (Our Dogs points), 2008
Eye Test - Clear: 20/3/10
DNA Profiled
Patella Luxation: 0/0 (Putnam 1968 Scoring System)
Heart Test - Clear: 25/2/2014
COI: (10 gen) 72.44%, (5 gen) 28.72%
KC Good Citizen, Silver Award
Bonitace: 6/5/2012

On June 14th 2010 she whelped one puppy (Ridley Tomáš) by Oneva Eduard Malsville.

Some of Pamatka's show critiques:
Nuneaton, April 2008
Super bitch showing much promise, particularly liked her head & excellent expression, when settled moved correctly. BP & PG3
(Judge: Sherrill Goodwin)

National Terrier, April 2008
Beautiful six month baby with an exquisite head. Stood well with a nice outline. Moved positively for one so young. BP
(Judge: Harold Gay)

Cesky TC, April 2008
Elegant and slight bitch with lovely head and kind expression. Will insist on racing her handler round the ring, but once settled she sailed round the ring like a pro. Lost a bit of enthusiasm when it came to the BP challenge; outgoing, auguring well for the breed in the next few years. BPIS
(Judge: Adrian Marett)

Edwinstowe, May 2008
Won this class with ease. Shows a lot of promise, good shaped head, good reach of neck, well muscled, coat of good texture, moved true fore and aft. BAVP, PG4
(Judge: Brian Baxter)

SKC, May 2008
Quality bitch who stood out. Feminine head with nice taper, slight stop, dark nose and well placed ears, good bite, elegant neck into well placed shoulder, straight forelegs with good shoulder, good loin and rump, moved well in class and later improved to show her excellent movement. BP, BB & BOB
(Judge: Joe Ashe)

Stafford & Birmingham, May 2008
Young bitch of cracking type, typical deep set eyes in a well formed head, slightly arched neck & well laid shoulders, well presented and moved accurately.One with a certain future, only needing maturity. BP & PG2
(Judge: Richard Stafford)

Three Counties, June 2008
Top quality puppy of excellent make & shape, lovely reach of neck into well laid shoulders & correctly rising topline, straight front, round feet & silky coat, feminine head, well placed ears & dark eyes, moved out freely. BP
(Judge: Marion Reeves)
Typical head and expression, nice earset, topline correct for the breed, ribs well sprung with tuck up.PG4
(Judge: Jack Watson)

Bournemouth, August 2008
Most attractive in profile, correct topline and nicely balanced in head and body, pleased in eye, nose and ears, with just enough neck and a good spring of rib, moved out steadily and sensibly.BP
(Judge: Roger Thomas)

Scottish Kennel Club, August 2008
Pleasing young bitch, feminine expression with dark eye & well set ears, correct bite, nice profile with good quarters, in good coat & condition, went well. BP
(Judge: Alan Small)

Darlington, September 2008
First class head, ears well placed, nice neck and shoulders, cylindrical well sprung ribs, good topline & tuck-up, moved & showed well. BOS
(Judge: Jack Watson)

Lincoln, December 2008
What a lovely bitch she has grown into, a credit to the breed. Correct clean head, true expression, good large nostrils black as the ace of spades, with correct bite, strong neck into topline with slight rise over the loin and strong muscular hindquarters, moved with drive. BOB & G1
(Judge: Sue Holroyd)

Ashbourne, December 2008
Balanced head of good length, good eye, earset and neck into well laid shoulder, good coat, condition, bone and rib, holds a good outline on the move. BOB
(Judge: Frank Whyte)

Leeds, July 2009
Bitch of right size and well proportioned, truly made to produce best of movements, fluidity and drive without effort or exaggeration. BB & BOB
(Judge: Max King)

Paignton, August 2009
Well set ears, good dark eye, nice muscle, good set of teeth, sweet expression, long neck, well laid shoulders, nice sweeping topline, excellent movement, first class presentation. Pushed for top award, only beaten on maturity. RBB
(Judge: Peter Chappell)

Welsh KC, August 2009
Top quality, make, shape, typical with balance all through, lovely size, excellent expression, well presented, in good condition, moved soundly & well. Still to finish & another winter should make her hard to pass. RBB
(Judge: Roger Wright)

Sporting Terrier Association of Yorkshire, November 2009
Dark grey bitch, very promising when I judged her as a youngster and again didn't disappoint, very feminine, loved her expression, best topline and outline in class, movement as true as ever. RBOB
(Judge: Roger Cruden)

Ashbourne, December 2009
Balanced head, but not the longest, dark eye, well set ears, good in front, nice topline, lovely coat and condition. RBB
(Judge: Stuart Plane)

West Midland Terrier, February 2010
Excellent for size and well balanced. Beautiful head, dark eye and good bite, good front, powerful rear, lovely free movement. Her excellent type won her BOB
(Judge: Julie Moyes)

CRUFTS, March 2010
Quality bitch, lovely head and eye. Short of furnishings, nice neck and shoulders, correct shape and size for the breed, ribs well back, moved well. RBB
(Judge: Shirley Watson)

Northern Counties Sporting Terrier, September 2010
Well turned out bitch in good condition, pleasing dentition, good layback of shoulder, excellent rear angulation, moved very well. BOB & G4
(Judges: Darren Pearson & Lesley Roberts)

Photo by Dave Roberts

Driffield, October 2010
Lovely head and eye, nice neck and shoulders and forequarters, good ribs carried well back, good hindquarters and tailset. Moved well. RBB
(Judge: Peter Bakewell)

Birmingham Gundog & Terrier, October 2010
A good bitch of lovely type, has a quality head and eye, correct mouth, well set ears, good front standing and moving, enough bone and a correct topline, lovely quarters. BOB
(Judge: Stuart Plane)

Bury Sporting Terrier, October 2010
Very feminine bitch, good head and expression, dark eye, correct front, coat in good condition,good topline and moved well. BOB
(Judge: Brian Grattidge)

Lincoln, December 2010
Dark grey bitch, nice size and profile with good topline and feminine expression. Slightly small in head but well placed ears and dark eyes. Movement hampered by the cold conditions [-4C!] BOB & G2
(Judges: David Burrage/Geoffrey Curr)

Boston, January 2011
What can I say about this bitch? I have judged her twice before and she has improved each time. Beautiful head and expression, correct topline and rear end, moved well. BOB
(Judge: Sue Holroyd)

Final 6 of Terrier Group
(Judge: Brian Rodgers

Photo: Keith Holroyd

CRUFTS, March 2011
Nicely balanced dual purpose bitch, typical without exaggerations, head with equally feminine and typical expression, moved and showed well. 1st GCB
(Judge: Andreas Schemel

Northern Counties Sporting Terrier, March 2011
Really liked this bitch, very classy, fits the standard to a 't'. Smashing, expressive head and the best mover I had all day. Very impressive, easy BOB
(Judge: Ken Archer)

Vejen, Denmark, July 2011
Very typical bitch, outstanding movement, correct size, very good mouth, typical head with good expression, strong neck, typical topline, shown in excellent condtion. BOB, CAC, CACIB
(Judge: Per Iversen, Norway)

3 years old typical female, very feminine, good type and size, strong bone and body substance, good set ears, good development of rib cage, free movement, nice coat. BOS, CAC, CACIB
(Judge: Lyudmila Tchistiakova, Russia)

Very appealing feminine bitch, correct in size and substance, shapely strong head with good ears, eyes and bite, good neck, shoulder and front, adequate length and depth of body, well arched loin, well angulated behind, good coat and condition, free movement and shows well. BOB, CAC, CACIB, G3
(Judge: Ingrid Borchorst, Denmark)

Watch the group video here

Top quality bitch, typical expression, excellent bite, excellent neck and shoulders, excellent body shape, excellent hindquarters, excellent mover. BOB, CACIB
(Judge: Bill Browne-Cole, UK)
G4 (Judge: Robert Kanas, Slovakia)

Watch the group video here

Belfast, September 2011
Lovely bitch of good type and balance, nice feminine expression, pleasing furnishings, neat well set ears, good eye, correct bite and foreface, little stop, pleasing neck to nice ribbed body & strong quarters, nice bend of stifle, in lovely coat & condition. Went like a dream. BB & BOB
(Judge: Alan Small)

Northern Counties Sporting Terrier, September 2011
Top quality bitch, loved her size and shape, feminine lean head, super expression, good neck, clean withers, well laid shoulders, excellent quarters front and rear, good depth to brisket, solid loin, nice bone and muscle tone, in lovely bloom, moved briskly with positive action. BOB
(Judge: Fran Kaye)

Lancashire Sporting Terrier, December 2011
Very nice indeed, most lovely head, eye and expression, well set on ears, in super body condition, good shoulder and upper arm proportions, strong quarters used to drive. Needed time to settle, but when she did just flowed. BOB
(Judge: Mark Ord)

(Judge: Peter Bakewell)

CRUFTS, March 2012
Another quality bitch with an attractive head, dark eye, well placed ears, nice reach of neck, shoulders well laid back, lovely outline, moved true both ways. RBB
(Judge: Jack Watson)

KCHCT, May, 2012

Strong bitch, good frame, typical head, good ear, scissor bite, excellent neck and topline, well set and carried tail of correct length, excellent angulation but in movement a little close in hocks. V1, CAC
(Judge: Hana Petrusova)

Birmingham National, May 2012
Classy bitch and very worthy champion, loved her head, eye and ears, good body shape, couldn't stand wrong, covered the ground well. BOS
(Judge: Bill Browne-Cole)

SKC, May 2012
Lovely bitch of correct size, covered with attractive dark coat, beautifully presented. Feminine head of good balance, neat ears and dark, kindly eye, freedom of movement from well set shoulders, strong straight legs, good length of body, strong powerful rear, moved with drive and purpose. BOB
(Judge: Julie Moyes)

Northern Counties Sporting Terrier, September 2012
Mature bitch of the correct size & lovely colour, movement was very good & the tail was not carried too high, good bite and very feminine, lovely to go over. BOB
(Judge: Sheila Stoddart)

Darlington, September 2012
Top quality bitch, super outline, loved her head and expression, moves out well, lovely topline, hindquarters. RBB
(Judge: Vanessa Cox)

Belfast, September 2012
In strode the star of the day, absolutely gorgeous 5 years bitch, beautifully balanced skull and foreface, lovely dark eye and melting expression, well set ears of correct shape and size, lovely scissor bite, elegant neck flows into a really first class front assembly with strong bone and lovely neat feet, well sprung ribs covered in a beautiful quality coat and this leads to a loin oozing strength, quarters are really well muscled, glides around the ring and is so positive in profile it was a joy to behold, put down to perfection, so beautifully handled. She could not be denied BOB.
(Judge: Bob Cross)

Bury Sporting Terrier, October 2012
Nicely balanced bitch, she has a good head eye and mouth, correct top line, looked well in profile, showed well. BIS4
(Judge: Shirley Watson)

National Terrier, April 2013
A really typical topline, so very natural, is a touch smaller but is well balanced throughout and made the most of herself on the move. RBB
(Judge: Stuart Plane)

KCHCT, May 2013
Mature bitch, correct head and ears, 2 x M3 missing, 44 cm chest diameter, excellent topline, excellent movement, excellent quality coat. V1, CAC, Club Winner
(Judge: Vladimira Ticha)

Three Counties, June 2013
Quality built lady in breed type with her well made body and muscletone. Attracts with the long head in balance to body, good bone and front, strong body and chest with the rise in topline. Solid muscled rear quarters, moved with purpose. BOS
(Judge: Jeff Luscott)

Blackpool, June 2013
Very typical Cesky Terrier. Very good for size, lovely head and eye, well carried ears, good reach of neck and depth of body, very good topline, moved well. BOS
(Judge: Per Iversen)

Paignton, August 2013
Matured into a really lovely bitch, head of real quality, strong jaw, darkest of eyes, good earset used them well, well laid shoulders, quality coat, good rise to topline, firm muscular loins, well angled hind, best of tailsets and carriage correct too, typical brisk movement, it was so lovely to see her & the BD go around the ring together in the challenge. BOS
(Judge: Sharon E Clark)

Bournemouth, August 2013
Nice sized bitch, I liked her head for balance, good length, enough width of skull and well filled foreface, well placed ears, dark eye with good expression, good neck, clean shoulders, straight front, well made body with the correct topline, nice tailset, well muscled hindquarters, moved like a train around the ring, nicely presented. BOS
(Judge: David Winsley)

City of Birmingham, September 2013
Ultra feminine of excellent breed type, undoubtedly feminine head and expression, decent skull and correct head proportions, built on a medium frame excellent bone, strong well angulated quarters, showed and moved well. RBB
(Judge: Andreas Schemel)

Darlington, September 2013
Very nice type and size, nice head and foreface, correct bite, nice legs and feet, correct body shape, moved very erratically, needs to steady on the move as movement is correct. RBB
(Judge: Paul Wilkinson)

Driffield, Spetember 2013
Very nice type and size, needs to steady on the move. RBB
(Judge: Peter Chappell)

Eurodog Show, Kortrijk, November 2013

Day 1:
(Judge: Gitty Schwab)

Day 2:
(Judge:Bojan Matakovic)

CRUFTS, March 2014
Very feminine, ears set close, good size, a real powerhouse on the move. 1st GCB
(Judge: Adrian Marett)

Luxembourg Spring Show, March 2014

(Judge Margret Moller-Sieber)

This win gave Pamatka her Luxembourg and International Champion titles.

National Terrier, April 2014
Typy bitch of quality, lovely head and expression, neat well set ears, correct mouth, nice size with good ribbed body, moved and handled well showing correct profile. 2nd Members' Stakes
(Judge: Alan Small)

Northern Counties Sporting Terrier, April 2014
Lovely bitch to go over, excellent condition & moved so soundly. Good scissor bite, very good eye & expression, correct shoulders, round & well padded feet, good tailset. BOB.
(Judge: Margaret Hooley)

Birmingham & District Gundog & Terrier, April 2014
Excellent bitch with a good head and expression, good neck and topline, well balanced with sound construction, good furnishings, moved like a train, parallel front and rear with legs going like pistons. BOB
(Judge: Bob Blackley)

West of England LKS, April 2014
Typy and a lovely size. Showing well and sound on the move. Correct topline and slope down of croup, coat well presented, pleasing head & expression. Maybe just a little elbowy to go over. RBB
(Judge: Zena Thorn-Andrews)

SKC, May 2014
Good head and expression, dark eye, well placed ears, good front assembly, excellent topline, good overall balance, moved free and true both ways. RBB
(Judge: Jack Watson)

Blackpool, June 2014
A lovely well balanced and soundly made bitch of good size. Good head with dark expressive eye, correct mouth, neat well carried ear, good neck and forequarters, well placed shoulders, good ribs, well made body with slight tuck up, good hindquarters, well carried tail. Moved well. BB & BOS
(Judge: Peter Bakewell)

Leeds, July 2014
Liked her outline with correct topline. Lengthy head, well set ears. Super body. needs a bit more hind angulation and could be better moving in rear. RBB
(Judge: Jeff Horswell)

Paignton, August 2014
Super high quality bitch, full of breed type, love her head and expression. Very good body shape with slight rise over loin, good front too. Lovely silky coat texture. Moves out briskly. BB & BOB
(Judge: Vanessa Cox)

Liverpool Terrier, October 2014
Full of quality, even at this age, super head and ears, a strong neck into well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, correct topline, muscular quarters, showing in her super movement. BVIS
(Judge: Roger Crooks)

SWKA, October 2014
Stunning bitch with the most beautiful head, dark eye, high set ears giving feminine expression, strong neck into well laid shoulders, straight front with good bone. Ribs well sprung, arched loin, well muscled hindquarters and stands parallel behind. Brisk and free on the move. 1st Veteran Stakes
(Judge: Lynne Salt)

Midland Counties, October 2014
Quality bitch, lovely head and expression, sound construction. Moved with drive and showed well, carrying her 7 years lightly. BB & BOB
(Judge: Eileen Foy)

Coventry Ladies, January 2015
Just a youngster for this class, but owned the ring from the minute she set foot in it. Moved with drive & purpose, covering the ring with ease & style. Lovely to go over, good head, strong jaw, dark eye, good ears, used well. In great body & well muscled throughout. Lovely arch over loin & good tailset. Nice angulation throughout. BTV
(Judge: Mark Walshaw)

CRUFTS, March 2015
Feminine bitch with excellent bite, well placed ears, liked her shape, sound both ways. 1st GCB
(Judge: Bill Browne-Cole)

Birmingham Gundog & Terrier, October 2015
Super bitch from any angle, great breed type, nice body and quarters, moved well, in super body and coat. BVT
(Judge: Moray Armstrong)

KC GCDS Supermatch, November 2015

Bitch quarter-finalist
(Beaten only by the eventual Best in Match)

(Judge: Mark James)

National Terrier, April 2016

Top quality bitch, full of type. Lovely head, topline and tail carriage. Moved with drive and reach. Excellent condition, a credit to her owner/breeder that she is as good now as when she was a youngster. Champion Stakes Winner
(Judge: Eileen Foy)

Birmingham Gundog & Terrier, April 2016
A superb Cesky, she certainly strutted her stuff and stood out, a super example of the breed. BVIS
(Judge: Carole Coode)

Photo by Andrew Brace

SKC, May 2016
Fully mature and very correct as regards breed type. Excellent head and expression, well balanced and shapely, in firm condition and moved true. Has the correct substance coupled with quality, a certain agility about her and excellent coat. As good a specimen as I’ve seen. Easily BOB and put on an impressive performance in the group later.
(Judge: Andrew Brace)

Watch the SKC Terrier Group

Leeds, July 2016
An old favourite, 8 year old in good condition, good breed type, lovely head eye and expression, nice neck, good shoulders, ribs and body, soundly made quarters which can still move very well. Good outline. BV
(Judge: Peter Bakewell)

Very smart bitch, lovely head, eyes and ears, good front and shoulders, correct topline and outline for breed, put down in good order and outmoved the others today. VG1
(Judge: Ernie M Paterson)

Photo by Wendy Johnson

Chesford Grange Hotel,
November 2016

Photos by Pauline Luxmoore-Ball & Lisa Croft-Elliott

Watch the Champion Stakes here - Pamaka at 13.00

KC GCDS Supermatch 2016

Quarter finalist

(Judge: Sue Bird)

CRUFTS, March 2017

Another veteran who belies her years. Darkest of eyes, slight arch of skull & earset is perfect, strong jaws, lean neck into well laid shoulders, topline was firm on the move & standing, well ribbed, firm well angled hindquarters, parallel hocks & perfect tailset & carriage. She was a little unsettled in this class, but came into the bitch challenge with a better attitude & stormed around the ring, striding out for all she was worth. RCC
(Judge: Sharon Clark)

Pamatka was handled at Crufts by Amy Bray - New Zealand's representative in the International Junior Handling Final.

CESKY DAYS, May 2017
Almost 10 years old female of excellent quality, beautiful body condition, ideal size excellent head, very nice ears, nice neck, excellent clean front, excellent topline, excellent angulation and movement, very nice typical female Czech terrier, who could still win the title. 1st Honour Class
(Judge: Iveta Novakova)

This was Pamaka's final show. She has now retired.

Am Sil Gr Ch/Can Ch Milenka's Hector in Act Four
Alchemy-Milenka von Wochein
Ger Ch Caruso vom Lichtblick
Slavia Kvitko
Milenka Ginoch's Kvitko
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Elita Kvitko
Kralovna Kvitko
Ideal-Lovu zdar von Klanovice
Ben Prasek
Cena-Klanovice vom Lichtblick
Cz Ch Palava Ginoch's Kvitko
Cz Ch Chram Kvitko
Cz Ch Kulicka Ginoch's Kvitko