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Ridley Xanto for Dajaces ShCM

Article text
Granville lives in Devon with Judy and Dave Lewis, Nickel and Fletcher.

Sire: Am Ch Grancek Otakar Malsville
Dam: Kilbarchan's Anika Ridley
DoB: May 31st 2014
Owners: Judy and Dave Lewis

1 x BOS, 5 x RBD
COI: (10 Gen) 38.90%, (5 Gen) 6.88%

Photo by Gary Quest

Some of Granville's critiques:
Exonian, December 2014
6 months, dark grey promising pup, well boned & constructed, with a sweeping outline to slight rise over loin, well set shoulders, pleasing head, a good length of coat for a youngster. BP & PG3
(Judge: Carol Dunford)

LKA, December 2014
Good size for age, nice head without being too broad, nice earset, strong reach of neck, good rise over the loin, well angled, moved well.
(Judge: Russell Marett)

CRUFTS, March 2015
Loved this one’s make & shape, needs to settle but that should come. 2nd PD
(Judge: Bill Browne-Cole)

Bridgewater, March 2015
A lovely puppy who would not give anything away to his older competitors. He has a pleasing head & eye. Not exaggerated in any way, he has a good neck & topline, presenting an elegant picture both stacked & in movement. Well presented in good coat. BOB, BP, PG2
(Judge: D. Williams)

Photo by Nick Carter

Exonian, March 2015
Lovely neck, good dark eye, good reach of neck, correct tailset, showing well. BP, PG1
(Judge: Francis Rundle)

WELKS, April 2015
Mature puppy with cracking head and expression, good skull, correct foreface with big nostrils, good front and shoulders, pleasing outline with rise over loin and of nice length, good body for age with strong quarters and nice well set tail carried correctly. Moved and handled well. BPD
(Judge: Alan Small)

The National, May 2015
Played up a little on the table but I could not deny his positive attributes, long head, well set eyes and ears, giving good expression, muscular shoulders, nice length and shape of body, moved out with purpose and style. BOS & BP
(Judge: Max King)

Paignton, August 2015
Masculine and of good length, good head proportions and correct stop, good bone, depth and length, well developed hindquarters, moved with drive, active and in coat of good texture RBD
(Judge: Tom Johnston)

Photo by Nick Carter

Bournemouth, August 2015
Good head with a good bite and large teeth, well placed ears, good neck and shoulders, well muscled, RBD
(Judge: Jane Withers)

Plymouth, September 2015
Liked this chap for his quality, make and shape, good head properties, strong neck, medium length body with nice arch to loin, he wasn't very happy moving on the slippery floor, but was parallel on the mat. BAVNSC & G4
(Judge: Sue Ergis)

Exeter, September 2015
Still a baby but with silky coat, well muscled with good lay of shoulder. Moved well but a little apprehensive. Promising. BOB
(Judge: Storm Grayson)

Devon & Cornwall Terrier Club, October 2015
A lovely well balanced dog with good outline, good head, correct proportions and balance, good eye and expression, good well carried ears, nice neck and well placed shoulder, good forequarters, ribs and body, strong hindquarters. Moved well once settled. BOB
(Judge: Peter Bakewell)

Exeter, January 2016
Liked this youngster a lot, needs time to settle but cannot deny his quality, lovely head and eye, good front, neck and shoulder, correct rib and body properties, loved his backend and rear action on the move. Well presented. BOB, G4
(Judge: David Mathias)

Ifracombe, February 2016
Stunning, strong and elegant looking male, strong head, good teeth with correct bite, strong and graceful neck leading to well laid shoulders, strong front and rear, in excellent coat and trim, presented perfect balance and elegance, moved very well. BOB
(Judge: Darren Pearson)

Torquay, February 2016
Lovely head balance, good eye, correct mouth, strong neck, lovely front assembly, rib well sprung, powerful quarters, a pleasing profile on the move, presented in good coat and condition. BAVNSC & G3
(Judge: Garry Mason)

Photo by Nick Carter

Devon & Cornwall Terrier, February 2016
Lovely grey/blue dog with typical Cesky head. Long with all furnishings. Strong white teeth. Nice dark eye. Elegant neck into well laid shoulder. Medium length body, well sprung into muscular backend. Excellent coat presentation. Lovely tailset. Moved with drive. BOB
(Judge: Janet Palmer)

CRUFTS, March 2016
Very well presented silky coat, with good head and expression, good angulation, moved briskly, good tailset. 1st PGD
(Judge: Stephen Fewings)

National Terrier, April 2016
Impressive and has quality in type, excellent head length with the jaw &and dentition, he has a well used neck, straight front and well filled body, good muscle power on the loin and rear end, make him a strong mover, one to watch, considered in challenge. Ist PGD
(Judge: Jeff Luscott)

The National, May 2016
Very nice, liked the topline and tailset very much, well balanced between skull and muzzle, good front, excellent body, very nice coat texure, and I liked the movement very much. RBD
(Judge: Hans v.d. Berg)

Three Counties, June 2016
Quality mature boy, full of breed type. Pleasing strong head of good length with strong underjaw. Good front and well placed shoulders, correct topline with gentle rise over loin and super hindquarters, so well muscled which gave him the power to move out strongly. Well presented coat of silky texture. Pleased to award him RBD
(Judge: Vanessa Cox)

Camborne & Redruth, July 2016
What a lovely looking dog this is. Really good head with correct ear placement. Good neck into well angulated shoulders. Correct topline. Very good coat which was well presented. Plenty of substance to him. He moved so well. Wasn’t surprised at all to see him win the group under my wife but was so pleased to later watch him win BIS under another judge. BOB
(Judge: Lee Sharp)
Scored in all areas for me. Type, construction, balance, movement and presentation. I loved him. Thrilled to watch him go on to take BIS later. G1
(Judge: Clare Sharp)
Caught my eye immediately Well made, balanced and in excellent condition. Correct arch to skull with strong jaw, high set ears. Body in muscular condition, well laid shoulders, correct topline with slight arch. Moved soundly with drive. BIS
(Judge: Derfel Owen)

This win gave Xanto his ShCM.

Bournemouth, August 2016
Smart male with lots to like about him. Lovely make and shape and correct for size. Pleasing in head and expression, with correct small ears with desired carriage. Good length of neck into well placed shoulders. Ideal non-exaggerated topline. Moved well in all directions. Well put down. RBD
(Judge: Dr Ian H Gabriel)

Plymouth, November 2016
Neat head with good eyes and ears,strong neck, well laid shoulder with strong bone, well made rear, lovely temperament. BOB
(Judge: Anne Moore)

CRUFTS, March 2017

Elegant male, head proportions are good, a definite blunt triangle shape, good bite and jaws, arched muscular neck, well laid shoulders, straight forelegs, well ribbed, would like a better topline as he tends to flatten, long hindquarters, good tailset and carriage, moved out true with desired propulsion. IstLD
(Judge: Sharon Clark)

Bridgewater, March 2017
Scored here for size, shape and balance. Good head, eye and ears, srong clean teeth and neck flowing into well laid shoulders, straight front, good spring of rib, nice rise over loin with well set tail. Coat in good order. Movement was free flowing wih plenty of drive. BOB & G1
(Judge: Mick Oxley)

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