The main task of the working Cesky Terrier is to track the blood scent left by a wounded Deer or Wild Boar.
Watching a Cesky Terrier using his nose to follow the track of a wounded animal - or even an artificial trail laid to teach him the job - is fascinating.

Pamatka is an accurate and enthusiastic hunter

Erik is rewarded at the end of a successful track

The Ridley Cesky Terriers enjoy their training. Both Pamatka and Erik tried their hand at tracking whilst in Denmark, helped by Charlotte Mikkelsen of the Danish Terrier Club.

Pamatka has also participated in the training days organised by the UK Dachshund Trials Club. Dachshunds and Cesky Terriers work in a very similar fashion.

Several of my dogs have taken part in the Josef Bierhansel Memorial competition, an informal working test that is held in the Czech Republic each year.
Ridley Ulicnik took 3rd place in 2013.

We are members of the UK Cesky Terrier Tracking Group. Unfortunately the Kennel Club does not offer formal awards in this discipline, so we are working towards those organised under FCI protocols by the Bavarian Mountain Hound Society.

We now use these harnesses for tracking, comfortable, non-chafing and easy to keep clean