Dogs at Stud

With a breed that is as genetically compromised as the Cesky Terrier I believe that it is irresponsible to allow one dog to sire multiple litters.
For this reason, my dogs are not at public stud. However I am happy to discuss possible matings with bitch owners. Apart from having a compatible pedigree, bitches must have complete dentition, and be heart, patella and eye tested before mating. Bitches must be blood-tested for progesterone levels before arranging the date of mating. Cesky Terriers, in my experience, generally ovulate quite late - around day 20/21 is not unusual. I also advise checking thyroid levels. Many CT bitches have a slightly low thyroid, and this can be a cause of infertility. I only consider a mating when I believe that resulting puppies will benefit the breed's gene pool.

Stud Fees
Handling Fee: £300, payable at time of mating.
This is non-refundable, whether or not there is a live litter.
On the birth of live puppies -
1 or 2 puppies: £100
3 or 4 puppies: £250
More than 4 puppies: £350

For shipped semen please enquire about costs.

A stud fee is paid for the stud service - not for the guarantee of live puppies. However as a gesture of goodwill, a free return is offered is there is not a live litter.

Dk/Lux Ch/DTK Ch Oneva Eduard Malsville ShCM
One of Erik's Danish friends described him as 'a very kind dog', and that just about sums him up. He gets on with everybody, people and other dogs alike.

Erik has sired six litters in the UK, one in Denmark and one in Finland. He is no longer available to bitches in the UK - there are enough Erik children around! For bitches in other countries chilled or frozen semen can be shipped. I prefer, whenever possible, to send chilled semen, via the Clone system. Due to his age, he will have a sperm count before any collection. At present his fertility is still excellent.

Use this link to see his pedigree, and details of his show record and health screening results.

His puppies have won well in the show ring, both in the UK and in Europe.

Photo by Hamentashen

BPISS Ridley Tomáš
Tomáš is Erik's son. He has sired just one litter so far. One daughter has been shown successfully in the UK and he has a champion daughter in Denmark. His Swedish son is the sire of a Swedish Champion, who was also JWW '14.

His pedigree, show record and health screening results can be found here

Int/Cz/Dk/Ir/VDH Ch Scotsman's Cumel Ridley
Vilem is yet another Erik son. He has sired three litters to date, two in the UK and one in Ireland. His Irish daughter is already a champion, and a son in Grmany is a Junior champion, whilst a bitch from one of his UK litters has 2CCs. He has a very laid-back temperament and is a happy, confident boy.

His pedigree, show record and health results can be found here

He is now back home in Denmark with his breeder, Kirsten Toftkjaer, and all stud enquiries should be made to her.