A Bit of a Brag!

Some of the advertisements for Ridley Cesky Terriers that have appeared in the canine press over the years

Over the years many of my Ridley Cesky Terriers have been featured in advertisements in DogWorld and other publications.

As my weekly column in Dog World is entitled "Maintaining the Standard" I have had a series of adverts with this heading!

2009: Obroda, Gloria, Pamatka
2010: Rozhodny, Pamatka
2011: Tomas, Erik
2012: Emily
2013: Pamatka
2014: Otakar
2015: Ulrika, Pamatka, Ulita
2016: Anika
2017: Pamatka

DOG WORLD Crufts Supplement, 2016

After her great achievement in qualifying for the Champion Stakes final, I thought that Pamatka deserved a double page spread in 2016!