What a Day!

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National Terrier is THE show for most terrier folk - far more important than Crufts. This year we had a good day, with Tomáš getting the nod for BOB, Xanto winning PGD and Aobhinn winning BPB. Then Xaver went in the Good Citizen Stakes, winning £15 and to finish the day really on a high, Pamatka went in the champion stakes and came out with the first prize rosette and an invitation to the finals held next October! To say I am proud is an understaement!

To make the day even better, over in Finland Erik's two AI kids, Galbraith's Carevna and Caffery were BOB and BOS at the International show in Lahti.

Then there was even more good news when another son, Grancek Otakar Malsville (sire of Xaver and Xanto), took his first Major in the USA.

Can it get much better than this?