The World Dog Show

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Anika and Xaver represented the Ridley Cesky Terriers at this year's World Dog Show in Italy. They both did very well, with Anika taking the CAC at the club show, and being graded 'Excellent' a the WDS, whilst Xaver was our star, winning the Junior Class at both shows and coming home with two titles - Junior World Winner and Italian Junior Champion - emulating his uncle Nico who achieved the same results at the WDS in Hungary in 2013.

After judging all the exhibitors got together for a wonderful party arranged by Emanuela Tassi - a great opportunity to renew old friendships and make new ones. This year there were exhibitors from Russia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, France, Germany, USA, UK and Italy.

We stayed on the campsite with Sue Lee and the Tsuselena Pugs, whilst we were joined for one night by Loren Marino who had brought her Cesky Terriers over from the USA, and Hector was able to make the acquaintance of his grandson Tomáš, great-grand-daughter Anika and great-great-grandson Xaver.

Tomáš and Hector in the motorhome