News of Freddie

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The best part about being a breeder is to hear from the owners of 'your' puppies about their progress. It may be wins in the show ring, successes in agility or as a working dog or, the most important job of all for any dog - being a family pet.

This is what Paul and Caroline, who own Anika's brother, wrote about Freddie on his third birthday:

He is a wonderful part of our Family. Everything you told us about the breed (and it did sound too good to be true!).... all the good bits and the only bad bit...he is greedy! has manifested itself in Freddie. His temperament, affection towards us and his integration into our way of life is truly amazing. Freddie is an avid Sports spectator and comes with us every week or sometimes twice to watch Tom play Rugby, Soccer or here seen playing cricket.

Of course he is the most talked about, fussed and approachable canine spectator at every game!