A Second Czech Cesky Terrier Champion for Ridley

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There are several major dog shows throughout theworld each year. Here in the UK Crufts is the one everybody has heard about, although for terrier breeders and exhibitors National Terrier is just as important. The American equivalents are Westminster and Montomery, whilst under FCI jursdiction it is wins at the World and European Dog Shows that are the ultimate goal.

This year's European Show was held in Brno, Czech Republic, so a very special occasion for Cesky Terrier Exhibitors. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go myself, but the Ridley flag was flown proudly by Cissi Holmgren and Ridley Ulita.

To be awarded BOB in a quality entry by respected Czech breeder/judge Hana Petrusova is indeed an honour. Congratulations to Cissi and Ulla from all the rest of the Ridley gang!