Puppies on the way

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The whelping box is now set up, and we are just waiting for the birth of Anika's second litter.

Dad-to-be is Otto, and it will be interesting to see what the pups are like, because his dam is from a completely different line to any of my other dogs. Naturally he has been heart, eye and patella tested - with excellent results.

We use a Snowsilk whelping box. They are expensive, but so easy to keep clean, and give a comfortable, cosy home for mum and puppies. The box is set up inside the 'whelping room' - actually the pantry that leads off the kitchen in our cottage. With the door closed mum can be private, but has easy access outdoors, and when the pups are a little bigger they can have the whole area as their playroom.

Last time she caught us on the hop by having her pups several days early. So now everything is ready and we just have to be patient.