Expectant mothers

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Anika's pups are due on October 27th. On the scan we saw four pups, but that was several weeks ago. Occasionally one can be resorbed, and sometimes there is one hiding up high in the ribs so it can't be seen, so I never take the figures as accurate, just an indication that she is in whelp and whether it is going to be a big litter, average or just a singleton - which can bring problems in the actual whelping process. Four is a nice number, so fingers crossed that everything is OK.

Aviaja was mated three weeks after her sister, and has now gone back home to Denmark looking quite 'interesting', so we have our fingers AND toes crossed for the first decent-sized litter in Denmark ever. There are lots of expectations riding on Aja and Erik. Aja was chosen as a potential brood bitch because she is from a very fertile line, and Erik has proved his fertility both under the microscope and in the whelping room, so here's hoping our plans come to fruition with the patter of lots of tiny paws!