Our European Adventure

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What a week we had on our European adventure!

Patrick and I, accompanied by Pamatka and Nico, drove to Hrdonov in the Czech Republic for the 21st celebration of the 'Days of the Cesky Terrier'. This year was extra special as it also marked the 50th anniversary of the recognition of the Cesky Terrier by the FCI.

Nico started the weekend off well for us as he took third place in the Josef Bierhansel competition, then at the club show the following day Pamatka exceeded my wildest hopes when she won not only the champion class and also the CAC (repeating her success of last year) but then went on to take the title Klubový Vitez and won the Horák Memorial Trophy as well!

The breed club had commissioned 50 medals to be awarded to 50 people who had contributed to the progress of the breed throughout the world, and I was very proud to be awarded one of these lovely memorials of our breed.

On the Monday I said goodbye to Patrick, and my Danish friends Heidi and Kirsten, then Nico and I drove on to Budapest for three days of fun - Budapest CACIB show, the World Dog Show and Interra (the International Terrier Association show). This time it was Nico's turn to shine. He won the Junior class at all three shows, and came home with the titles 'Junior World Winner', 'Interra Junior Winner' and Hungarian Junior Champion.

Now we are safely home, and Nico is staying with us for a little while - maybe there will be Nico babies in the Autumn!